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 Photo Galleries    Takeoff Meeting Pictures
- Excursion (August 2003)
- Takeoff meeting (January 2004)
- Summer School 2004 (page 1, 2)
- Summer School 2005
  Day 1, afternoon break: Sari, Branko, Duška and Michal contemplate the morning work over a glass of beer… (enlarge)
    … while Visar and Arafat browse through the pile of books. (enlarge)
    Yet others are energetically letting out steam: Georgi. (enlarge)
    Back to work: view of the entire group. (enlarge)
    Day 2, afternoon: gathered in the big seminar room at the ISH. (enlarge)
    At the ISH sponsored dinner in Abecedarij restaurant in Ljubljana: from anticipation... (enlarge)
    … and boy, isn't this much tastier than our usual conference rations… (enlarge)
    … to more shop talk, obviously (Nancy, Michal and Sari)… (enlarge)
    … all the way to Sari's plate of risotto: "Please take a photo of it, I want to touch it, kiss it…" (enlarge)
    The group in front of the Vopovlje hotel: mist, drizzle, cold… (enlarge)
    Day 3, after much work, finally: champagne time! Branko is our Master of Ceremonies. (enlarge)
    Dan meeting the final challenge: the closing speech. (enlarge)
    After the champagne, people tend to be dreamy … (enlarge)
    …or bonding… (enlarge)
    … or more bonding… (enlarge)
    ...or posing as favourite roommates… (enlarge)
    … or posing for Hannah who is roaming the room and taking pictures… (enlarge)
    …or finally enjoying a quiet smoke. (enlarge)
    Or else, still coordinating, it would seem! (enlarge)
    Hannah and Duska posing for Dan: "You two could make a living shooting shampoo commercials." (enlarge)
    Theo has the winning idea for the evening: (enlarge)
    "Let's shoot some pool!" (enlarge)

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