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 Photo Galleries    Summer School 2
- Excursion (August 2003)
- Takeoff meeting (January 2004)
- Summer School 2004 (page 1, 2)
- Summer School 2005
  Of what used to be the luxurious hotel Albatros in the late 1970s…(enlarge)
    … only the view remained unchanged. (enlarge)
    Dream team meets for the first session in the morning... (enlarge)
    Back to work: view of the entire group.…and after some reading in blissful seclusion… (enlarge)
    …or in company…(enlarge)
    … wraps-up the day's acomplishements in the evening. (enlarge)
    Jasmina, (enlarge)
    Maja B., (enlarge)
    and Nevila... (enlarge)
    ... captivated their audience. (enlarge)
    While Theo collected her thoughts after the lectures… (enlarge)
    … Hannah's dog Saavik recuperated after an excruciating intellectual effort. (enlarge)
    Maja M., Alex, Svetlana, and Besa are getting ready for their afternoon session… (enlarge)
    … usually held on the beach… (enlarge)
    …on a terrace of a coffeeshop in town… (enlarge)
    … or in this charming fisherman's cottage baptised 'Love shack'. (enlarge)
    Dan, Theo and Bogdan waiting for the food, (enlarge)
    which was duly photographed for posterity… (enlarge)
    …and the last evening was rounded up with intensive bonding around a vodka glass. (enlarge)

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