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The Ljubljana Preparatory Meeting (August 2003)
Takeoff Meeting (January 2004)
Summer School 1 (August 2004)
Summer School 2 (August 2005)
Summer School 3 (August 2006)

Picture Galeries of contact sessions
The work on the project was planned for three consecutive years (2003 - 2006). The participants and the faculty were engaged in an around-the-year cycle of activities. The core yearly activities of the project were the summer schools (August 2004, 2005, 2006). Organised each year of the programme in August, they allowed all the participants to meet, present and debate extensively their work with other participants as well as specific problem topics together with the resource faculty. During the project, the participants were expected to develop, through discussion and peer collaboration, an on-going linkage between their project work and their research and teaching.

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