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 Summer school 3 files    Older documents

(last update: August 13 2006)

General doc files
- Book proposal (pdf, 21kB*)
- Books wishlist (pdf, 13kB*)

- Gender - report (pdf, 21kB*)
- Trauma - report (pdf, 55kB*)
- Modernity transcript (pdf, 19kB*)

- Alenka (pdf, 9kB*)
- Georgi (pdf, 10kB*)
- Ivan (pdf, 11kB*)
- Jasmina (pdf, 195kB*)

- Arafat (pdf, 28kB*)
- Besa (pdf, 11kB*)
- Maja (pdf, 14kB*)
- Stefi (pdf, 12kB*)

- Besa (pdf, 13kB*)
- Bogdan (pdf, 10kB*)
- Ivan (pdf, 21kB*)
- Jasmina (pdf, 10kB*)
- Maja (pdf, 13kB*)
- Stefi (pdf, 10kB*)

Sound files
- Dan's teaching (wma, 734kB)
- Sari's thoughts about the book (wma, 432kB)

NOTE: Files marked with asterix (*) are password protected. If you should not be able to open them send an e-mail to Damjan.
Only documents relevant to summer school 3 are available on this page. For older downloads visit downloads page.

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