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Greta Gutman (born Fürst)

Greta Gutman, born Fürst, was born in 1915 into the wealthy Fürst family in Murska Sobota. Edmund, the father and the only child in the family, born in 1874, was a groceries merchant. He was a supporter of several cultural societies and president of the Israelite community in Murska Sobota. He died in the city hospital in 1929. His tombstone stands among the few that were preserved in the Memorial park where the Jewish cemetery used to be. Greta's mother Nina was born in 1887 in Sisko into the eminent Neuburg family. Nina was an active member of the Jewish women's society. Greta also had two younger brothers, Elemir and Aladar, and an older sister named Blanka. Elemir and Aladar were students of economics in Vienna. Blanka went to school in Switzerland while Greta completed her education in Celje.

The Fürst family had a reputation to be always willing to help those in need. Like other Jewish children, the Fürst children attended religious education with Rabbi Dr. Lazar Roth at the Rabbi's house in Murska Sobota. Greta remembers the Rabbi as a good and thoughful man. She often visited his home, where he tought her the Talmud, the lessons of important Jewish thinkers and prophets, as well as the histories of the Jewish people. The Rabbi also frequently paid visits to the Fürst household, as Edmund, the father, was the president of the Jewish community.


Hannah Starman and Bojan Zadravec


Greta now lives at a senior citizens' home in Nahariya in northern Israel. She is often visited by her grandson Udi, her only living relative..


It is with difficulty that she talks about her experience in the concentration camp and her return home. She and her sister were the only survivors.

((Journey to Auschwitz))