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This section contains recordings of interviews as well as other multimedia contents that will illustrate the final results of our research endeavor. The multimedia section complements the contents of other sections.



All the recordings are published in the user-friendly WMA (Windows media Audio) format. All you need is the Microsoft Windows operating system and its integrated Windows Media Player. You can open the recordings on our website or save them on your computer. Should you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact our webmaster (damjan.franz@amis.net).



Reading a story on a sheet of paper or a computer screen does not compare to listening to the spoken word of a person who is telling her story. In this section we published several excerpts from the testimonies of the people we have interviewed in the course of this research. (some testimonies are in Croatian or in English).

>> Yoel Shachar: From tha camp, part 1 (200KB)
>> Yoel Shachar: From the camp, part 2(247KB)
>> Alex Ripp: After the war (290KB)
>> Greta Gutman: Journey to Auschwitz (156KB)
>> Alice Gruenwald: Hope (23KB)