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The town of Beltinci used to be the feudal, and later the economic and cultural centre of the lower part of the Prekmurje. The town is built along the Èrnc stream and it is surrounded by sandbanks. The synagogue was built around 1860. ((more))


Jews who moved to Ljubljana in the Middle Ages settled around Novi trg and their neighbourhood was situated in the area of today's Jewish street and Jewish path. Despite their dense settlement Ljubljana did not have a Jewish ghetto. ((more))

[Murska Sobota]

Before the Second World War, the Jews in Murska Sobota had a strong community and a majestic synagogue, which was solemnly inaugurated on 31 August 1908 and demolished in 1954 by the municipal authorities. ((more))


People lived in the Lendava area already in prehistoric times. Due to its advantageous geographic position Lendava attracted Jews who started moving into the town in the wake of the Turkish incursions into Slovenian territories. ((more))


The Jews of Maribor were first mentioned in 1277 when they allegedly already lived in their own quarter of the city, but the first reliable source dates back to 1317. The Jewish ghetto was located in the south-eastern part of the city walls. ((more))

[Primorska region]

Jews of Piran are first mentioned around the year 1380 in relation to the money-lending activities. They allegedly replaced the Florentine money-lenders who had been active in this area way before the 14th century. ((more))