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Rudolf Pollak

Rudolf Pollak was born on 2 February 1910 in a village called Dokležovje near Beltinci. The village belonged under the Beltinci rabbinate. His father was Samuel Pollak, born in Odranci and his mother, Etelka Bader, was also born in Dokležovje. The parents married on 28 January 1908 in the synagogue in Beltinci. Their first son, Arnold, was born in 1909, but he died at the age of ten. Anothe son, Oskar, died five weeks after his birth in 1912. Rudolf's brother, Bela, born in 1913 is lives with his wife Edita in the senior citizens' home in Rehovot, in Israel. Their sister Therese was born in 1919 and she also lives in Rehovot.

Rudolf Pollak thus remembers his childhood: "We had an inn, butchery and a large garden in Dokležovje. Our neighbour was called Ivan Tratnjek. We used to go to the temple in Beltinci, sometimes at four in the morning because we walked. There were some Jews left there; the rest of them went away. The rabbi often came with this whole family to Dokležovje to visit us for the holidays. I remember the Jewish families in Beltinci: the Kaufmanns, the Hoffmans and the Deutch family that owned a hotel."



Rudolf and Helena - Ilonka Pollak live in a senior citizens home in Rehovot. Rudolf still speaks in perfect Prekmurje dialect


"We had an inn, butchery and a garden in Dokležovje. We used to go to the temple, sometimes at four in the morning because we walked.