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Riko Pollak

Pavel Pollak was born in Sisak on 30 December 1873 to his father Henrik, born in 1843 in Kaniža and mother Josefina, born singer in 1854 in Cerrek.

Pavel and his brother Robert (born 1875) Pollak launched a wheat trade business under the trademark 'Brothers Pollak.' Robert died during the First World War. During the German-Homeguard terror, his wife was arrested and deported to the German concentration camp Ravensbrück where she died before the liberation of the camp. Their son, Peter Pollak, released from the Italian concentration camp Gonars after the capitulation of Italy, joined the partisans and was shot a month later.

Under his own trademark, Pavel Pollak pursued the whole sale trade in all sorts of grains and milling products until 1941. On 21 December 1913 he married Marija Ješe, born in 1893 in Stražišče pri Kranju. They had five children: Lidica who died at the age of two, Nives, Tanja and twins Fedor and Riko. They lived in a villa in Erjavčeva street 27 in the centre of Ljubljana. The villa was built in 1925.


Author: Riko Pollak


Riko Pollak lives in Ljubljana and his story is a very interesting one. We met him in the vicinity of his home in Ljubljana Bežigrad.


His father died in a concentration camp, his mother and siblings survived the war. They returned home and confronted numerous challenges along the way.