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Therese Pollak-Schöntag

The following entry is written on the page nine of the registry of weddings of the Israelite community in Beltinci: "The merchant Samuel Pollak, born in Odranci and living in Črenšovci and Etelka Bader from Dokleževje, daughter of inn-keepers, married on the cold day of 28 January 1908." Since the Beltinci rabbi died some time before the wedding, it was the rabbi from Dolnja Lendava, Dr. Antal Rudolfer who performed the marriage.

Samuel Pollak was the son of Adolf Pollak and Therese Veissenstern who died when her youngest son Samuel was only three years old. Therese Veissenstern is buried at the Jewish cemetery situated between the villages of Lipa and Odranci. Samuel had three siblings: brother Izidor, sister Matilda who married into a wealthy family in Budapest, and Frančiška (or Fana as she was called) who was a renowned inn-keeper in Črenšovci.

Samuel and Etelka Pollak lived in her parents' house in Dokleževje. In 1909, Etelka gave birth to their firstborn, Aladar, but he died at the age of ten. In 1910, the second son, Rudolf, was born. The third son, Oskar, born in 1912 died as an infant, and the the fourth son, Bela, was born in 1913. After the First World War the family moved to Muska Sobota, to Zvezna street. They bought a large farm and laboured the land. Their daughter, Therese, was born in Murska Sobota in 1919. "I was named after my father's mother," says Theresa proudly.



Today she has several great-grand children and lives in a small apartment in Rehovot.


"The train has passed," says Teruška as a conclusion to the story of her past. She looks at an old photograph depicting her before the war when she still was still a careless girl in Murska Sobota.