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Do note: when coming from the Ljubljana Airport either take a taxi or catch a bus to the Main Bus/Railway Station in Ljubljana-Centre. There are quite frequent bus connections between the Ljubljana Airport and Ljubljana-Centre. Bus: The journey time is approximately 45 minutes. Tickets may be purchased on the bus or at the bus station. Price: 4.10€ for one-way ticket. Shuttle Connection:: the journey time of the one-way trip is 30 minutes. The shuttle buses are waiting in front of the terminal at the airport and are adjusting their timetable to flight arrivals and number of passangers. They can take you to the Main Bus/Railway Station in Ljubljana Centre (price is 5€) or to anywhere in Ljubljana (price is 9€). Taxi: The taxi stop is right in front of the Airport Terminal. Taxis are available according to the actual arrivals. Fare from the Airport to Ljubljana Centre costs approximately 35€ (depending on the desired destination of the trip). For reservation or more information you can call the taxi company Taxi Airport Jože Pučnik: +386 (0)4 2061 678. From Ljubljana to Airport you can also call other companies, which may have lower prices for this trip.

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