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 Photo Galleries    Summer School 1 Pictures (Page 2)
- Excursion (August 2003)
- Takeoff meeting (January 2004)
- Summer School 2004 (page 1, 2)
- Summer School 2005
  Sasha enjoying a quiet after-dinner smoke: real havanas for our project’s first birthday. (enlarge)
    Yep... Viva Cuba!! (enlarge)
    Last Friday night finds us at dinner in a pizzeria in Škofja Loka. (enlarge)
    After the pizza, it is time for our traditional champagne. Damjan is briefing Bogdan and Ivan on the latest champagne opening techniques. (enlarge)
    Highlight of the day and the Summer School, more tradition: Dan’s concluding speech. (enlarge)
    An exchange of view between Theo and Hannah, through camera lenses. (enlarge)
But..! It is not over yet..! While some stay to enjoy the champagne, a small but brave party sets out to engage in a numinous local ritual. In the dead of the night, just minutes before a terrible storm…
    Well, details cannot be shared. Let us just say that we ended up with a trunkload of young corn. (enlarge)
    On Saturday night, Hannah is the host of a big party in her home. Somewhat to Irena’s horror, Damjan is meddling with the spaghetti. That was before Nevila took over. (enlarge)
    Dan distributing the first serving of spaghetti. (enlarge)
    After spaghetti and salad, Svetlana, Georgi and Bogdan are eagerly awaiting their corn … (enlarge)
    …however, Duška needs yet another (!!) serving, so Nevila cooked up another pot of spaghetti. (enlarge)
    Finally: corn..! (enlarge)
    Sari gave us a captivating account of the daring ritual of corn acqusition that revealed the true epic and heroic proportions of the whole undertaking. (enlarge)
    After some hairdo improvements … (enlarge)
    …and some more posing for the camera… (enlarge)
    …Ivan starts a long hour of joke-telling. This one was – er - on the subject of money: ‘Penny, pound, a hundred…’ (enlarge)
    … that sent everyone screaming with laughter. The joke is only deliverable over e-mail: interested parties please contact Ivan. (enlarge)
    Sunday afternoon: most people having already left, the last survivors of the summer school quietly meditate on the shore of the Sora river… (enlarge)
    … when Nevila spots a perfectly shaped stone. This one is for you all! (enlarge)
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