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 Photo Galleries    Excursion Pictures
- Excursion (August 2003)
- Takeoff meeting (January 2004)
- Summer School 2004 (page 1, 2)
- Summer School 2005
  Nine a.m. building up caffeine reserve for the day in a cafe near the hotel in Ljubljana. Left to right: Milorad, Damjan, Hannah, Iliriana, Nancy, Arafat and Sari. (enlarge)
    An hour later, about to enter the underworld: the Planina cave. (enlarge)
    Moving deeper in, past the wonderful blue sheen in the entrance cave. (enlarge)
    A bunch of social scientists in their usual state: totally in the dark. (enlarge)
    Back to the surface at high noon in Stanjel: lunch break. Left to right: Milorad, Irena, Hannah, Arafat, Sari and Iliriana. (enlarge)
    The water-well in the centre of Stanjel. (enlarge)
    The water-well in the centre of Stanjel. (enlarge)
    Inside the Carstic house in Stanjel, in front of the wine-press. Left to right: Nancy, Milorad, Damjan and Hannah. (enlarge)
    In the heart of Stanjel, left to right: Sari, Iliriana, Arafat, Nancy, Hannah, Milorad, Irena and Damjan. (enlarge)
    Four p.m.: Arafat and Nancy with the famous white horses in Lipica. Nancy is definitely their favourite... (enlarge)
    ...Nancy's explanation: "Between us vegetarians…"
    Eight p.m.: Irena preparing the dish of the evening, buchke, in Hannah's kitchen. Cigar ashes are not an indispensable ingredient. (enlarge)
    Dinner time under the shed in Hannah's garden. Nancy, Sari and Iliriana: not bad! (enlarge)
    Sari, Iliriana and Milorad: you mean, that was it? (enlarge)
    Ms Trina Berishaj is served her own dinner by her daddy Martin. (enlarge)
    Hannah coordinating fair distribution of the last piece of tiramisu. (enlarge)

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