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 Photo Galleries    Summer School 1 Pictures (Page 1)
- Excursion (August 2003)
- Takeoff meeting (January 2004)
- Summer School 2004 (page 1, 2)
- Summer School 2005
  Dream team brainstorming day after day in the hotel conference room, day by day… (enlarge)
    First break on Sunday: to lake Bohinj! (enlarge)
    Boating the Bohinj lake: Vlado and Nevila speculating on the size of the largest fish ever caught in the lake. (enlarge)
    Vlado posing in the WWI cemetery. (enlarge)
    Nevila and Arafat still looking fresh and cheerful after a swift climb to the Savica waterfall. (enlarge)
    After a brief sunbath, we were chased from the terrace of the Zlatorog hotel in Bohinj and had to endure the local beef music that accompanied our lunch inside. (enlarge)
    The clouds finally dispersed above Bohinj and Alenka seems content after a copious meal. (enlarge)
    The moody weather made the coordinator somewhat melancholic … (enlarge)
    A cosier arrangement of the conference room was devised for the second part of the summer school when Dana and Sasha joined us. (enlarge)
    Nancy: ‘…so what can one do..?’ Dana (evaluating): ‘Aha…’ (enlarge)
    Irena: ‘No comment.’ (enlarge)
    Many of our sessions were held on the terrace of the hotel … (enlarge)
    … where one could thoroughly enjoy food for thought – well, in so many ways... (enlarge)
    Coffee breaks never stopped us from further discussions. (enlarge)
    Nevila, Martin, Svetlana and Arafat were interrupted during their dinner by Irena’s relentless efforts to capture on film the moussaka servings before they disappear. (enlarge)
    After dinner on August 17, it was time to say goodbye to Nancy. We will miss you, Nancy! (enlarge)
    Some people have each other, like Jasmina and her little son Mak… (enlarge)
    … while some have the computer. Says Alex: ‘Cannot stay away from it for more than a day, no way!’ (enlarge)
    Gala dinner at Špajza restaurant hosted by the director of the Institute for Ethnic Studies (right centre). (enlarge)
    Philosophers are always at it: Bogdan, Dan and one of our guests, Thomas. (enlarge)
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