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[Elizabeta Furst]

Elizabeta Fürst was born in 1928 as a daughter of the Lendava inn-keeper Aladar Deutsch. Her family was a bourgeois family: "We lived well," recalls Elizabeta Fürst, "but we were not wealthy." . ((more))

[Riko Pollak]

Pavel and his brother Robert Pollak launched trade business. Robert died during the First World War. During the German-Homeguard terror, his wife was arrested and deported to Ravensbrück. ((more))


Franc was born in 1911 and Helena in 1914. Later Franc started to smuggle matches, tobacco, salt and sugar across the Hungarian border to Slovenia already before the Second World War. ((more))

[Alicia Gruenwald]

Alice Spitzer was born in 1927 in Bela Crkva in Serbia, where she lived until the age of fourteen. Life was good and peaceful until the Germans invaded Yugoslavia. ((more))

[Betty Engel]

Betty Brenner was born in 1925 in Zagreb. She remembers her childhood there as an exceptionally happy one. She finished six years of high school before her father decided that the family should flee. ((more))

[Lizi Freundlich]

Lizi and her mother were taken to a prison on Savska Street in Zagreb in 1943. There they spent the night and were supposed to be taken to a concentration camp in the morning. ((more))

[Pollak - Schöntag]

In 1944 when the Nazis ordered them to leave the house and gather in the synagogue. Nobody knew where they were being taken to and why. ((more))

[Yoel Shachar]

Yoel Shachar was born as Tomislav Schwarz in Lendava. As a twelve and a half-year old boy he was deported to Auschwitz with his family and other Jews. ((more))

[Elizabeta Vajs]

Elizabeta Vajs was born on 13 October 1928 in Genterovci. She met her husband, Ladislav Vajs, in 1945. "He came back from the camps in the beginning of May. I was seventeen then...," she recalls. ((more))

[Greta Gutman]

Greta Gutman, born Fürst, was born in 1915 into the wealthy Fürst family in Murska Sobota. Edmund, the father and the only child in the family, born in 1874, was a groceries merchant. ((more))

[Alex Ripp]

Alex Ripp was born in Vinogradi in Croatia in 1927. Alex had two older sisters and an older brother, who lived with his wife's family in Croatia. The sisters married in Slovenia. ((more))

[Branka Borovits]

Branka Vasić was born in 1927 in Zagreb. Her father was from Slavonski Brod. Her mother was born in Pakrac . They moved to Ljubljana, where her father opened a clothes and textiles store. ((more))

[Rudolf Pollak]

Rudolf Pollak was born in 1910 in a village called Dokležovje near Beltinci. The village belonged under the Beltinci rabbinate. His parents married in the synagogue in Beltinci. ((more))

[Jože Zrim]

Jože Zrim was born in 1919 in Dokleževje. His mother, Ana Zrim, born in 1899, was a servant at the Bader - Pollak family in Dokleževje. ((more))